Experience. Innovation. Continuous creativity. Managing change.


PDM has been an innovative leader in publishing solutions since 1970.

We began as a phototypesetting company with a strong client base in financial services, advertising, and all publishing sectors. We now specialize in programming-based, document publishing. Our custom automation facilitates cost- and time-efficient technology to bring your content to web or print.

Our professionals create cutting edge methods to meet all your publishing and data management needs. From data-driven financial reports to high-end marketing media.

We can manage your data, track websites, and automatically generate your reports for as many users as you specify, accurately and on schedule, enabling you to produce content in a number of languages simultaneously and in multiple versions. Custom made to fit your needs.

We can also handle all SEC filing needs, accurately, automatically and effeciently.

Let us help you design your document solutions to achieve success at a moderate cost and ontime.