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How much will it cost?   

This is the question on everyone's mind, but alas, the answer is too variable to give concrete numbers here. The fee is based on:

  • The complexity of the design (how many pages, tabs, categories, call-outs, etc.) the document requires.

  • The size and resources of the client. A start-up company would be charged less than an established company with many employees. Charities recieve a discount.

  • The client's overall printing budget.

  • Turn-around time. Rush jobs cost significantly more (50% to 100% more).

  • Client’s revisions on finalized text (AAs) can really increase your bill, costing $45 per hour with a one-hour minimum.

Having said that, here is a list of my fees for specific jobs:

  • Munson Math, a very simple website $600.
    <open web site in new window>

  • Ariston Florist – I created the flash animation and provided design for the web site, which included a site flow chart, and comps (they had their own technician build the site) $1,000.
    open web site in new window>

  • Genetics and Society web site $1,600 - included a custom made, interactive timeline.
    open web site in new window>

  • PRSA 30 pg. brochure plus cover $1,300 <link>

  • IRC 8 panel brochure $1,800 (high-end printing job of several thousand copies) <link>

  • Parrish Museum 108 page magazine plus cover $2,500. <link>

Estimates are free, so please contact me with the specifics of your project and I will provide you with design prices.

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