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How does the process work?   View Answer || Hide Answer

  1. I submit an estimate outlining the fees and specifics of a design project. The bid would also include estimated turn around times and fee schedules. Once the bid is agreed upon, the development phase begins.

  2. The client must supply logos and a draft of the text. This is the longest phase of the process requiring good communication and extensive research by all those involved I submit design ideas in pdf form (comps) and you pick a direction. Revisions are encouraged in this phase until the design is to your liking.

  3. Once you approve the design, several “live” pages are put together, images are purchased if necessary and information graphics are created.

  4. After these first pages are approved, the other pages are assembled using your proofread, finalized text. Any author’s alterations (AAs) after this point are charged for.

  5. Once you approve the job, I will provide a testing site (for web) or the printer will provide either blueprints or other proofs (for a print job).

  6. FINISHED! When you approve these final documents, your website is loaded onto your server or your job is printed.

Do I need a “custom” design, or would a web service work just as well?   
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Web services use templates. They will work adequately. If you just want an adequate site a web service would fill your expectations. However, remember that you want your site a notch above the others. Your web site needs to have impact. That requires the finesse and expertise of a good designer. Design is an investment in your venture that will pay for itself in increased sales!

What if I don’t like the design?  View Answer || Hide Answer

We tweak the design until you like it. If design concepts continue to be completely off base that means there has been a severe communication breakdown. If things cannot be rectified, the job can be cancelled for a small percentage of the agreed upon price (a kill fee), reflecting a fair charge for work done in good faith. I am a member of the Graphic Artists Guild and adhere to all their pricing and ethical guidelines.

Can I make changes?  View Answer || Hide Answer

Yes, you can make changes. Changes are welcome during the development phase. However, once your final text is laid into a live document, changes are charged at the rate of $45 per hour.

Who arranges for the printing?  View Answer || Hide Answer

You must arrange for the printing. I will provide everything the printer needs to go to press. If you do not know a good printer, I will be happy to recommend one.

Who arranges the web hosting and domain name?  View Answer || Hide Answer

You must arrange for the web host and the domain name. If you do not know a good service I can recommend “Pair”. You are reading from one of their servers now.