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“As a scientist, I was particularly intrigued by the question regarding the perceptions and beliefs of those who invented the field, and those who apply the field to practical applications, namely scientists.”

—Dr. Isaac Rabino, Ph.D., cellular and developmental biology

Over more than two decades Dr. Rabino has been researching the views of industry, government, academic, and clinical scientists, as well as physicians, in the U.S. and Europe about their work in the broader context of social and ethical issues. His background as a cellular and developmental biology scientist informs his perspective on research and innovation. In fact, Dr. Rabino is one of the few or only researchers so specifically focused on investigating how genetic scientists think about their work as it relates to society, which has important implications for the future development, shape, direction, and impact of our genetic knowledge.

Dr. Rabino’s investigations have focused on topics ranging from the very sensitive to the practical, such as the effects of public opinion on scientific investigation, the ethical implications of genetic research, the short- and long-term impact of genetic manipulation on plants, animals, and humans—on personal, societal, and generational levels—and the effects of public policy on U.S. competitiveness.

The timeline below offers some examples of how Dr. Rabino gained the trust of scientists and access to these important, but often removed, members of our society, and was able to garner their views on sensitive issues.

For the best understanding of the development of Dr. Rabino’s work, we recommend that you read the timeline chronologically, from the earliest period, at the bottom, to the latest, at the top.

NOTE: This timeline is up-to-date only through the summer of 2006. For later work and detailed information on his research, see the website’s Surveys of Scientists  page, where Dr. Rabino’s published reports are chronologically listed, with abstracts and summaries.


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